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Our Community, Ethos and Values

Our School Motto

‘To know, love and serve God’

At St Anne’s we aim to meet people where they are on their faith journey and accompany and guide them on their way to achieving their full potential.  We strive to create a Catholic community which shares common beliefs and where, following Christ’s example, we recognise the unique and equal value of each member.  Our commitment to each person’s growth is reflected in the quality of our school’s provision which seeks to maintain the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour.


Our School Mission Statement


At St Anne’s we strive to be an outstanding Catholic school in all we do, serving the community by working to improve the life chances of all students.

We endeavour to be a community of Service and Compassion. Following Christ’s example of love, putting good works into action now so as to shape a better future.

We are a community of Ambition and Determination committed to achieving our best personally, socially and academically as a school.

We are a community of Respect and Equality where our differences are recognised and celebrated and all are included.

It is important to us as a Catholic school, that each child is allowed to flourish, and fulfil their potential recognising that we are all made in the image of God. It is our goal that all of our pupils’ unique abilities are supported, encouraged and developed here at St Anne’s.

Finally, we are a community of faith and worship, encouraging our pupils to become true disciples, who will leave St Anne’s knowing, loving and serving God and each other.

Our SACRED Values

Service - The act of helping or doing something for somebody else without expecting something back in return

Ambition - To have high aspirations for yourself and others around you

Compassion - To show empathy for others by showing an understanding of their hardships

Respect - To show consideration for yourself and others around you through your words, actions and behaviour

Equality - To treat one another with respect taking into account others’ disadvantages and privileges 

Determination - To be resilient in the face of challenges and hardships

Our School Prayer


Help us to listen to each other in friendship. Help us to care at home and at school, so that we might understand each other, support each other and grow together. Unite us all, adults and young people here at St Anne’s, so that our world may be a better place.


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