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Behaviour Expectations

Our core purpose is to nurture all our students to allow them to develop into the best version of themselves. We believe all our students can make outstanding progress in their learning and personal development but for this to happen they must each have an excellent attitude to their learning. We place Christ at the Centre of our school and our vision; To become an Outstanding Catholic School in ALL we do. We understand the developing nature of adolescence. We provide opportunities for self-reflection and personal development, safe in the knowledge that our pupils are made in the image of God, come from goodness, and want this for themselves. We believe we are here to serve the Community and improve the life chances of ALL its students and that a clear and consistently enforced Rewards and Behaviour policy is central to achieving this goal. St Anne’s Rewards and Behaviour Policy is rooted in our SACRED Values

We are a fully inclusive school, where all students regardless of any barriers to learning, are valued as equal individuals. Our staff provide regular and consistent opportunities for praise and rewards. They are responsive to the individual circumstances of all students to ensure a fair and equitable experience for everyone.

The school operates on the basis of the ‘common good’ and expects our students to do the same. We take a firm but fair approach to behaviour management, ensuring the poor behaviour of a very small number of students should not override the achievement of a great many.

At St Anne’s we believe that our success is achieved as a direct result of high standards and expectations. To facilitate high quality Teaching and Learning in a calm purposeful learning environment, we believe that acceptable behaviour must be demonstrated in all aspects of school life, both within and outside the building. 

School Rules

Whether in lesson, out and about at social time or during lesson changeover, all pupils at St Anne’s are expected to follow 6 basic school rules. These are our School Rules.


Please refer to our behaviour policy for further information.

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