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Acerca de

Staff List

Current staff list 2023/2024

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Logue

Executive Headteacher

Mrs J Sutcliffe

Head of School

Mr C Ostmeier

Deputy Headteacher

Mr G Sugden

School Business Manager

Extended Leadership Team

Mr K Regan


Miss A Morgan

SENDCo (Maternity Leave)

Miss A Rees


Mr S Byrne


Mrs A Simmons

Personal Development Lead

Miss A Baird

Pastoral & Attendance

Mr S Swift

Teaching and Learning

Miss L Riley

Curriculum & Assessment

Religious Education (RE)

Mr K Regan

Mrs L Hanley-Parchment

Miss E Rocca

Mr M Khan

Subject Leader - RE

Second in RE

RE Teacher

RE Teacher - Maternity Cover


Miss L Scanlon

Subject Lead - English and Literacy

Mrs G Vali

Mr S Byrne

Mrs R Turner

Miss A Morgan

Mrs B Stirling

Second in English

English Teacher 

PP Intervention

English Teacher / SENDCo [Maternity Leave]

English Teacher/Second in SENDCo


Ms T Khan

Subject Leader - Mathematics

Mr C Ostmeier

Mrs J Sutcliffe

Head of School / Maths Teacher

Mrs R Murray

KS3 Maths Lead

Miss D Wheldon

Mr D Browne

Maths Teacher

Second in Maths

Deputy Headteacher / Maths Teacher

Mr J Spence

Maths Teacher


Mrs C Rogerson

Subject Leader - Science

Mr S Swift

Senior Science Technician

Mrs K Poscha

Second in Science

Miss R Perolls

Science Teacher


Science Teacher

J Hartley

Lead Practitioner - Science


Mrs K McGloin

Subject Leader - Technology/Computer Science and Business Teacher

Mrs C Bowden

Food Technology Teacher/Health and Social Care Teacher/DoE Lead

Mrs L Bowden

Technology Teacher (DT)

Mrs E Modral-Gibbons

Technology/ Health & Social Care Teacher

Miss M Plunier

Technology/ Health & Social Care Teacher

Mr C Roberts

Technology Technician

Creative Arts

Mrs A Simmons

Subject Leader - Creative Arts, Pupil Development, PSHE / Drama Teacher

Mr N Donnelly

Music Teacher

Mr J Wroe

Art Teacher


Miss L Riley

Subject Leader - Geography

Miss N Szymborska

Geography Teacher 

Mrs J Lee

Subject Leader - History

Miss A Waghorn

History Teacher 

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Miss L Todd

Subject Leader - MFL

Miss E Zakaraite

Spanish Teacher

Physical Education (PE)

Mr M Andrews

Subject Leader - PE

Miss A Burton

PE Teacher

Mr R Gallagher

PE Teacher

Support Staff

PA to Exec. Headteacher

Mrs F Bentley

Senior Safeguarding Lead

Miss A Rees

Head of St Theresa  House

Ms L Millward

Head of Fr George House

Mr E Murphy

Head of St Josephine House

Miss A Baird

Inclusion Manager

Mrs K Corser

Office Manager

Ms K Lloyd

Exams Officer / Cover Manager

Miss A Tomlinson

Finance Officer

Mr R Arayakandi

Attendance Officer

Miss N Kouser

Higher-Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Potts

Learning Support Assistant

Miss K Wilson

Learning Support Assistant

Miss G Niebel

Learning Support Assistant

Miss K Blackmore

Learning Support Assistant

Ms B Davies


Miss L Joel


Mrs M Denton

Receptionist / Admin

Mrs T McQuillan

Site & Facilities Manager

Mr W Smith


Mr L Barratt

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