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Extra Curricular

At St Anne's students are supported in their learning and development through a range of opportunities outside of the classroom, including many opportunities to join clubs and to engage in educational visits and experiences. In this way, we aim to provide a school curriculum that will enrich lives and inspire ambitions.

We see engagement in enrichment activities as a crucial element in the development of virtues that will allow our students to achieve their potential.

Within subject curriculum we offer a range of educational and cultural experiences that allow students to further develop their enjoyment and learning outside of the classroom.

There are endless opportunities for all of our students to join extra-curricular clubs and enrichment activities across the school.

We aspire to provide the following opportunities during their time with us, to develop their social capital.

  • A cultural event (a theatre visit, a concert/opera, visit a major art gallery).

  • A major sporting event.

  • An educational residential visit (national or international).

  • An outdoor education experience that is challenging.

  • An opportunity to play a musical instrument.

  • An opportunity to spend time with students with different cultural background.

  • Supporting a charitable activity.

  • A visit to a regional university.

  • Opportunities to work alongside a charity, raising awareness for different causes

  • An opportunity to be involved in voluntary/community event that could be externally accredited e.g., Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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Timetable 2022/23 - Click Image to enlarge/download

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