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Tell Us!

Tell Us We Can’t fix it if we don’t know about it.

  • Are you worried about someone? 

  • Is something or someone in school making you unhappy? 

  • Have you got an idea about how to improve our school? 

  • Do you want to thank someone in school for something they have done for you or your friends?

If there is something you would like to tell us about but don’t feel able to talk to a teacher in person, please use the ‘Tell Us’ facility below. This will enable you to let us know what is on your mind. You don’t have to give us your name (although we may struggle to help you if you don’t) but whatever you write will be seen by a senior member of the school and passed onto someone who can help resolve the issue for you. Where possible and appropriate, we will feedback what we have done as a result of your concern. 

Press here to Tell Us

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