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About St Anne's

St Anne’s is a relatively small catholic school whose motto is ‘To know, love and serve God’. We are proud to be a catholic school where our values are strong.  We serve the parishes of St Winifred's, St Joseph's and St Mary's but our intake is much wider. Our vision is to ‘be outstanding in all we do’. This vision is embraced by all staff who understand that they are here to serve the community. Our SACRED values are Service, Ambition, Compassion, Respect, Equality and Determination.

Our culture is called ‘The St Anne’s Way’. This underpins who we are, what we do and why we exist. It is seven simple statements that focuses on developing the whole child including an emphasis on academic achievement. This is underpinned by inclusive practices and ensuring that we are a child-centered school.

The St Anne's Way

StudentS at the heart of all we do

High expecTations are the 'norm'

Strong united teAm with a shared vision

Inclusive learniNg community based on faith

Safe environment uNderpinned by quality pastoral care

Unashamedly, acadEmically ambitions for all

Where studentS flourish as part of OUR family

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